Rick Owens

Over the past twenty years, Rick Owens has forged an identity built on an instantly recognisable silhouette. For AW13, LN-CC has focused on the less seen aspects of Owens’ work, almost completely foregoing the draped, gothic aesthetic that most associate Owens with. The menswear focus lies instead on his always interesting textures, executed over a much cleaner, tailored silhouette. Alpaca wool, pony skin and sheer synthetics are all present, whilst the classic sneaker styles are reinterpreted in an array of materials and tempered by a new AW13 shape, the striking ‘Plinth’ boots.


Whilst the women’s selection is built around Owens’ typically exaggerated silhouettes, seen here in new forms. Panelled silk jumpsuits sit alongside cropped jackets with ballooned shoulders, graphic necklines and strong oversized silk stitch detailing. Owens continues to utilise increasingly unusual fabrics that nevertheless remain inherently luxurious. Textured wool blends, silk and calf fur all appear within various pieces throughout the buy.

Rick Owens AW13 Men's | Women's